Music You're Missing

Music You're Missing

The modern radio station! 60,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify everyday, leaving many artists lost in the shuffle. Brendan Jeannetti wants to show you the Music You’re Missing on this artist interview style podcast. Don't forget to follow along to the coinciding Music You're Missing Spotify playlist to listen to the artists featured on the show!

Recent Episodes

Danny Garcia, CEO of Songtools

March 21, 2023

Music You’re Missing podcast host Brendan Jeannetti spoke with founder and CEO of Songtools, Danny Garcia, for a special episode of Music You’re Missing! Brendan spoke with Danny Garcia about - Founding Songtools - The impor…

Guest: Danny Garcia


March 13, 2023

We’re in the studio with Juniper! This episode is presented by Groover! Keep reading the show notes for an exclusive offer for Music You’re Missing listeners. About Juniper: “Juniper, a Boston, MA trio, has been gaining trac…

Guest: Juniper

Juniper Plays With Chance The Snapper

March 13, 2023

Ever heard of the game Crocodile Dentist? Well, we took it to the next level. Each band member takes turns pressing Chance The Snappper’s teeth, and whoever’s finger our beloved pet crocodile chomps, must answer a revealing …

almost monday

March 6, 2023

We’re talking to almost monday! This episode is presented by Groover! Keep reading the show notes for an exclusive offer for Music You’re Missing listeners. About almost monday “All roads lead to California. So many lifestyl…

Guest: almost monday

Rainbow Road with SNØW

Feb. 20, 2023

We’re playing Mario Kart 64 with SNØW! SNØW and Brendan have to rapid fire answer questions about their childhood while avoiding falling off the edges of rainbow road. This episode is presented by Groover! Keep reading…


Feb. 20, 2023

We’re in-studio with the platinum selling lofi-king, SNØW! This episode is presented by Groover! Keep reading the show notes for an exclusive offer for Music You’re Missing listeners. About SNØW “With a platinum record for “…

Guest: SNØW

Recent Blog Posts

Music You're Missing Sells Out #UPNEXTFEST

Music You're Missing sold out their first ever micro music festival #UPNEXTFEST. The event featured performances by Maeko, Stefan Thev, sectiontoo, and R…

Jesse Coren Talks ‘Mutual Friends’ and Music Industry

Jesse Coren, founder of Mutual Friends artist management, shares insights from the music industry, from social media to philanthropy to work-life balance.

Music You're Missing Announces #UPNEXTFEST

Music You’re Missing’s #UPNEXTFEST will be held at Boston’s Sonia in The Middle East on December 8th.

About the Hosts

Brendan JeannettiProfile Photo

Brendan Jeannetti

Founder and Host

Brendan Jeannetti is the Founder and Creative Director of Music You're Missing.

Jeannetti started his career in the music industry at just 19 years old as part of the iHeartRadio promotions team. His very first gig saw him photobombing a viral photo of pop superstar Demi Lovato, and NFL pro Rob Gronkowski. While working at iHeartRadio, Jeannetti joined the college marketing team at Sony Music Entertainment.

In 2019 Jeannetti received his Bachelors of Communication / Media from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Shortly after his graduation, he signed on to Beasley Media Group's Country 102.5, where he became the youngest professional on-air radio talent in Boston.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Jeannetti began working toward his Masters Degree at Berklee College of Music. Soon after he started his studies, he launched the Music You're Missing Spotify playlist and podcast.

In April of 2021, Jeannetti signed Music You're Missing to a production deal with Big Night Entertainment Group in Boston, Massachusetts.

Brendan Jeannetti resides in Boston where he continues to grow the Music You're Missing brand. He is gearing up for the debut of the Music You're Missing concert series in collaboration with Big Night Entertainment Group. In 2023, he will receive his Master's Degree in Global Music Business from Berklee College of Music.

Jess FergusonProfile Photo

Jess Ferguson