Oct. 24, 2022

Blu DeTiger

We're talking to Blu DeTiger!

Ahead of her upcoming North American headline tour, bass prodigy and burgeoning pop icon Blu DeTiger called in to Music You're Missing to talk about her upbeat new single, “Elevator.” Using an elevator ride as a metaphor for escaping a draining relationship, she delivers a spacy, infectious kiss-off and revels in the instant boost to her outlook.

Brendan and Blu talk tour, 'Elevator', BeReal, Blu performing on SNL alongside Jack Antanoff, and more on this episode of Music You're Missing!

Watch the 'Elevator' music video featuring Vinnie Hacker, Alexander 23, Rebecca Black, Uffie, Chromeo’s Dave 1, Gavin Bennett of Bad Suns, and Blu's brother, Rex DeTiger:

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Blu DeTiger

Born in NYC, Blu DeTiger was drawn to the bass early on. She took the stage at CBGB, prior to the iconic club’s closing, when she was only seven. By 17, she was a staple in the city’s creative scene. While playing in a multitude of bands, she also distinguished herself as a DJ, playing live bass during her sets. By early 2020, while also writing and producing her own music, Blu was cutting her teeth touring around the world with a variety of artists. After catching Jack Antonoff's eye, she played “Saturday Night Live” with Bleachers and joined him at Bonnaroo's Superjam.

Blu’s releases have racked up over 170 million streams to date, including the hit single “Figure It Out,” which was featured on her independent debut EP How Did We Get Here? and charted at AAA radio, made NPR Music’s Top 40 Songs of the Year, and garnered attention from i-D, Paper, Variety and Flaunt Magazine, among many others. Her musicianship and inspiring personality have been spotlighted in campaigns for such brands as DKNY, Levi’s, Fender, Smashbox and American Eagle.