Jan. 12, 2023

Daisy The Great

We’re in studio with Daisy The Great!

Daisy the Great is a Brooklyn-based indie band fronted by NYU alum Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker. The duo sampled their viral song "The Record Player Song" (popularized by the #OneBreathChallenge on TikTok) in a new version with AJR called "Record Player," released last year, which went on to accumulate over 37 million streams!

The band recently played over 10 festivals this Summer including Lollapalooza and Firefly Music Festival.

Kelley and Mina stopped by the Music You’re Missing studio ahead of their show at Paradise Rock Club with The Happy Fits.

The band spoke with Brendan about touring with The Happy Fits, their hit song ‘Record Player’ with AJR, their new album ‘All You Need Is Time’, and their upcoming first ever headlining tour!

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So welcome to the studio because you are definitely coming off of a busy <laugh>. Busy two, two months. You've been on tour since early November with the happy fits. Mm-hmm. Yes. Tonight is the third to last show of that tour. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, how are we doing? How are we living? How was Tour?

Daisy (00:50):

We're good. Tourists like, was so fun. And then we had like 11 days off because, um, someone in the happy fits touring party got Covid. So we had six shows get, um, postponed. Um, yeah. Or, um, canceled I guess <laugh>. Yeah. But, um, that for us, um, that, uh, was kind of a bummer. Yeah. Because we like played in LA and then we drove to Texas, uh, to go play the Dallas show and I was super, I was like, all the whole time I was like, I'm so excited to play Texas. Yeah. Like, I love playing Texas. And then we got to Dallas and then that morning we were like having breakfast before the show, and then we got the call, but like the show was canceled and that all the Texas and the Florida shows were canceled. And we were like, okay, <laugh>. And so we drove to New Orleans, um, which is my hometown.


Oh, cool. Um, and we got to hang out there for a couple days, which was nice. And we got to see some of my family, uh, yeah. And then the Atlanta and Asheville Show also got canceled, which was, we were like, go, go <laugh>. We were like, no. But then we went to the woods in, um, North Carolina. Okay. And had like, we waited for our North Carolina show and we had a, we, we did a, like, Instagram live show because we were like itching to perform <laugh>. And, um, I was like, I remember being like, okay, the live's only gonna be like 30 minutes. We'll cap it at an hour. And it was two hours long. <laugh>, it was like two and a half hours. It was so long. But we, we were great time. We had so much fun. That's the

Brendan (02:21):

Best part. Yeah.

Daisy (02:21):

Well, tour was awesome. Yeah. To was really fun. Torah's super, super fun. We love performing. We're super

Brendan (02:27):

Grateful. Well, I mean, obviously it sucks that obviously the shows had to get canceled, but I'm curious, how often do you even get to go home these days?

Daisy (02:34):

We are home. Do you mean like hometown home? Yeah,

Brendan (02:37):

Like hometown home.

Daisy (02:37):

So Kelly's from home. I'm, yeah. I'm from New York, so I'm home. So if I'm home, I'm home. <laugh>, I don't get to go home very often. It was, it was honestly a blessing to be able to like, see my family. Yeah. Because I, yeah. It's so, yeah. When you're touring, it's like you, at least for me, it's like you're always like kind of of moving that. Like, it's hard to like, make the decision to like, go somewhere when you don't have to. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know, or like, I feel like going home is also different than going on a vacation. Like if I like, am feeling like really worn out or something. Like, going home is maybe not like that. Like relaxing. Cause there's a lot of like, it's just like a lot of like, people you need to see and like, like there's, it's just like dense. It's like heavy. Yeah. And it's beautiful and lovely and like, there's a lot of love there too. It's just like the, the, the mindset to like go home and like see family and like, see like old friends and stuff. It's like definitely like can be, um, also like emotionally exhausting, um, as well.

Brendan (03:43):

So I fully understand that. I, I live not even an hour away from my family. I've been so busy. Yesterday was the first day I saw them, and I think I spent like an hour like bathing my dog and like cutting his hair. Like, you guys don't do it. Right. So I understand it could be a little

Daisy (03:58):

Toxic. Yeah. When we were in New Orleans for two days, I was like, oh, we're gonna go to New Orleans and like, relax. And then I was like, okay, I'm gonna text my mom and like my godmother and my stepdad and like my friend. And I was like, oh gosh. Like I'm not gonna have time to relax <laugh>. I wanna see all my family and friends. Yeah.

Brendan (04:15):

<laugh>. So bring it back to tour. Yes. Uh, obviously you're on the road now, but you also just announced your first ever headlining tour. Yes. Yes. All you need is time tour. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So first of all, how does it feel to be at like a headlining level?

Daisy (04:27):

It's so exciting. It's like we,

Brendan (04:29):

Yeah. We can tell by the way you just lit up right there.

Daisy (04:31):

<laugh>, we've just been itching to headline like an Yeah. Go <laugh>. We, uh, we went on a kind of like DIY tour in 2019, which was the first time that we had ever toured. And we were like calling venues, trying to get them to let us play places and like finding local bands and like trying to get on their bills. Um, and then, so that was our first tour experience, and then we've been on three support tours since then. And so now it feels like a really amazing time to kind of like, put it all together and be like, let's do the one that's like fully ours. And like, I feel like this is like the first time we're able to do like, an official tour. Like when we did our tour in 2019. Like, I mean, that's an experience I'll never forget and I'll hold it so dear to my heart. Just like we were like, yeah, we would like, because we did everything ourselves and stuff, so we were

Brendan (05:30):

Like, I didnt picture it already in

Daisy (05:31):

Van. We, we had like spreadsheets and stuff and in our drummers minivan. Yeah. Like all, like, all like, it was six, it was all six of us. Um, and we had like drums, like everything. And like I, and we would like <laugh>, we would like make like we, we reached out and we would just like, reach out, like to like band local bands and stuff. And we reached out to Audio Tree and we were like, Hey, can we play an audio tree? And they're like, uh, you have to have played, have played a hundred shows. So we were like making a, we did it, we did it. I was like, I played for my mom, I played for my <laugh> <laugh>. Um, but yeah, I mean that, it's just like, it's so, I, I just like, never like, we really weren't like, kind of in the industry at all. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, like, it was very like, uh, yeah, we like, just like did whatever like we could do. And, and, and it feels like crazy for it to be like so official and like, it's pretty exciting.

Brendan (06:30):

<laugh> now it's like the culmination of all your hard work. Like it's finally Yeah. Paying off. So what, what's different now? Like what is a headline set gonna entail that maybe some of your other sets didn't?

Daisy (06:39):

Our well support tourist sets have been just shorter. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> mostly. And we have generally less space on stage, which I'm not really sure how the space will play out because our headline is on smaller stages. We'll be smaller stages than the stages that we've opened on. But, but we definitely have to play like in front of the headlines. Yeah. Like right now we're, we always play in front of everyone's stuff that's like, set up already. Um, so we'll have the run of the stage, whatever that means. We'll also have our full band, which is six people mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And when we open, we usually tour with four people, but we'll have our full band. I think the time is definitely a main thing. Like just being capped at like roughly a half an hour, whatever it is, is like hardware making big cuts of like, you know, songs that we would love to play or like, that feel really important that we're like, we can't play that because we don't have time.


So it'll be fun. It'll be fun to Sorry. You wanna keep No, no, go ahead. <laugh>. I'm like cutting Kelly off. I feel back <laugh>. It'll be fun to like, there's some something that when we did our, like Instagram Live the other day that was cool was like playing some songs that we haven't played in like five years. Like, cuz people, we would ask people what songs they wanted to hear mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And it was fun to like hear like people be like, play Built my Home on Holo Ground, which is like, from our first ep, like, we literally have not played it in five years and like, it, I, I'm excited to like, revisit old stuff because we'll have more time than like just playing the songs from the new album. Yeah. Um, which definitely the, the tour is gonna be focused around the new album. But I'm excited to like rework and like figure out what these, the live sound of like an older version of ourselves. Yeah. Um, was, and just like build a story and an arc. Like we're we, we, we come from a performance background first. So I think that, um, in a storytelling background. So I think just like building a show that feels like it has a beginning, mini, middle, and end, um, is something that we are really looking forward to and what we're gonna like be really grinding, um, grinding

Brendan (08:40):

On <laugh>. Excuse me. Oh, it's that kind of

Daisy (08:42):

Tour. So true. So true. Yeah. Just something we're really gonna be grinding on, um, when we get back from this tour.

Brendan (08:48):

I mean, but that's what the fans wanna see. Like, these are your die hards. These aren't just people who, you know, they're, they're buying your tickets, so they want to, they want the deep cuts, they want the unreleased.

Daisy (08:57):

Yeah. And like now, sometimes people will call out old songs and be like, can you play this? And we're like, we don't have time. We literally don't have time lyric. We No, but it's like, we would like, we would play it, but we're already like, trying so hard to not go over of our time's. Yeah. We start three minutes early, we like, beg them to let us start three minutes early so we could play like all the songs we wanted to play.

Brendan (09:16):

Oh. Well, I mean, that clearly means you've like, cultivated a, a solid community if it's headline time and the, the fans are demanding the deep cuts. So congrats. Thanks. Thank you <laugh>. Uh, you mentioned that it was in support of your latest album. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, all you need is time. So I actually reached out to a few of your diehard fans Oh. Speaking of really

Daisy (09:32):


Brendan (09:33):

Your fans. And they have some questions about the album and I actually just got a dm. How did you find them? Oh, I <laugh> I found a

Daisy (09:40):


Brendan (09:41):

Thank you. Yeah, like Instagram, deep dives, slit in their dms, the music, you're missing count. This is cool. Um, I also did just get another one. Um, okay, so this is from Andrea. Whoa. And she said, did you have a main inspiration for this album in particular?

Daisy (09:56):

Ooh, that's interesting. We Okay. No, because we didn't start writing knowing that we were making an album. We had a big collection of songs. So initially I would say we didn't have like a main thing drawing us to be creating a record or a writing. But I think in general, we've always written like from our kind of diaries vibe, like, open up a journal and like try to figure out what's in there. Uh, but after we had a collection of I think probably like 30 songs or something. Like, we had a ton of songs and we were like, okay, we're making it like now we can be making a record out of these songs. And then we started to record them and uh, kind of just like kept whittling it down and we had this one song time machine that opens the record that felt like the core of the album.


And so when we were putting the record together, then we did start to be like, okay, what's going on in the potential, like through line of this record and kind of reanalyzing like a younger self and having a song that felt like the most wise version of what we were experiencing or trying to like understand. And then so the record like starts with that wise spot and then kind of goes backwards and starts at your most naive and like follows through a kind of sense of understanding yourself through time in different ways. Um, and like in relationship to like different people or like, yeah. Or yourself. So it, it became definitely guided by the Songtime Machine and guided by a sense of like time and understanding yourself. Um, but we didn't start there. We kind of just started with like whatever was in our heads.


And then eventually, yeah. I mean, I will say I feel like a lot of it was, uh, like the actual album I think was inspired by the songs Time Machine and Glitter, which were like, the first songs we like, were like, these are definitely on the record. And I think like, building the album and those are the first two songs on the record. Yeah. We didn't know that would be the order. I think we, we were like time for a long time. We were like, time Machine has to be last time Machine has to be last. Cause we always played Time Machine last and it like, ends in a guitar solos where it like, feels like it should be last. And then we were, we kept making like so many orders of the album and then we were finally like, what if Time Machine's first? Yeah. And then we like put the album in context, like, so you like Start With Time Machine, which is like, kind of the thesis of the album. And like Kelly said, it's like the omniscient narrator, like, it's like the, like the most perspective and then Yeah. Going to Glitter, which I think like is like the most kind of like chaos. Chaotic chaos, yeah. <laugh>.

Brendan (12:43):

That's so interesting that it was kind of like a accident that it ended up going first because hasn't that existed for a while? Like, we didn't use to play that out live for like

Daisy (12:51):

Years. Yeah. We've play a time machine forever. We, we, yeah. We always had an internal battle of if it should be first or last. We were like, it cannot be in the middle. Like it has to be first or

Brendan (13:00):

Last. Yeah. I definitely understand that

Daisy (13:01):

Sentiment. And I think in trying to weave a, a like path through the album, I just remember feeling like, I like Time Machine. The song still feels like wiser than me now. And I was like, I feel like I can't put it last partially because it's not like my big thesis. Like, I think that song is like more intelligent than the way that we live <laugh>. So it's like, if we put it first, it's like, this was kind of a weird, like alien gift that we got. And then we're trying like with that wisdom, trying to understand like the rest of our brain, which is like the rest of the record. And I think Smile Pretty Girl is the last song on the record, which feels the most, uh, calm, like the most, you're kind of like dealing with a similar feeling maybe, but in a different way and with more perspective. And I feel like we're getting closer to like the vibe of Time Machine, but like personal and intimate. Yeah. It just felt weird to like end the record with something that felt kind of grand. Yeah. Like a big Yeah. You know, a big wise idea. It's like, that's not really like where we're at. So it made more sense to end the record being like, I'm still kind of like going through it. Thank you.

Brendan (14:23):

<laugh>. I'm not there yet.

Daisy (14:24):


Brendan (14:25):

I love the creativity that went into, I mean, even the, the track list, like for me as a listener, if there is one song that I'm like, oh man, this should have been first or like, Laster or certainly not, not second. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, like, then it, it kind of throws me out of listening. So I, I respect that as,

Daisy (14:40):

Oh, we were, we were, we worked on the chat. Yeah. We'd be, because we kept taking airplanes, so we'd be on planes being like, okay, let's listen to this order. And we would share AirPods and we would just be be like, okay, let's listen to this whole order. We listen to, we listen to the different orders so much. We'd be like, wait, I don't remember what that so crazy.

Brendan (14:58):

Uh, okay, so we have another question. Okay. This is from Jessica, she said, which track from the album is your personal favorite?

Daisy (15:05):

Hmm. Routine. I think routine, it changes a lot, but, um, we've been playing routine on tour and routine has always been one that I was really excited to get to play on. Our tours before that were also support tours. That was one that we were like, we wish, like we wish we could play, but we don't have time. Uh, and we've been able to play it on this tour, which has been really special.

Brendan (15:25):

Good. I mean, if it's your favorite it's gotta like, great.

Daisy (15:28):

Like it's not a single. So sometimes we're like, okay, we're gonna try to like, play songs that people know hopefully. And like that wasn't released. But now that it's released we're like, okay. Yeah. <laugh>. I also feel like that song like for, I feel like I'll, like, you know, the way that releasing music works, like you write music and then you put it out like way later than you wrote it. And I think routine feels so like, still like, so true to me. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> that like, I, I feel like I, I feel like emotionally impacted like when we are performing it in a way that like, I do feel with a, a lot of the other songs too, but it's like, I feel like with those I have to like find how to like perform them. Yeah. Because they've, they're like a different brain or something, but routine feels like, it's like my current brain.

Brendan (16:11):

Okay. So are we gonna give it a single treatment?

Daisy (16:15):

I wanna make a music. No. Yeah, we wanna make a video. I don't know that we can like can you ma can you put out singles? Like once it's over? <laugh>,

Brendan (16:22):

<laugh> are, are singles even, even thing anymore. Like everything's kind of changed, but

Daisy (16:26):

Yeah, I don't know. We would love to make a video for it. We've had like, video ideas for every song, so if possible we would always love to make a video for stuff. Yeah.

Brendan (16:34):

Okay. Okay. Um, here's another question. <laugh>, um, from a fan. Okay. Which track of the album would you like to see another artist hop on? And which artist?

Daisy (16:44):

Ooh, that's so exciting. We have actually a lot of ideas of stuff that people could hop on. Yeah. Uh, I mean we would love, like we, we always like Fiona Apple is one of our biggest Yeah. Like inspirations and I feel like putting her on like, uh, there's like a lot that could be cool. I feel like routine or, um, or smile, like making a different version of Smile with Fiona. Yeah. Sick. It'd go hard. Um, there's a lot of people we'll say that cuz they ask for one

Brendan (17:18):

<laugh>. Well that's a good way to, to get the sync treatment out of it.

Daisy (17:21):

Right. Good

Brendan (17:21):

Idea. My people talk to her people <laugh>. Um, alright. And I actually got one last one as I as I was coming in here. So let me pull up my Instagram dms right now. Um, awesome. Oh, I just opened up my Libby app instead. I don't know if you're familiar with that. I don't know what that is. Honestly not. Okay. This is not a, a sponsored content. It's like if you have a library card. Uhhuh, <affirmative>, they all have digital libraries. Oh. So you can just go and rent or take out anything from the Libby app. Like that's awesome. Audio, books. Books. Audio books. Oh yeah. So much. Okay. And

Daisy (17:51):

It's all free. That's cool. This is, this is not sponsored. That's,

Brendan (17:54):

That was not sponsored. That was just me being serious. I

Daisy (17:57):

Knows that was smooth if it was because I'm gonna go get the Libby app now. So this if you wanna sponsor

Brendan (18:02):

<laugh>, right. I'm gonna cut this and send to them <laugh>. Um, okay.

Daisy (18:05):

Daisy, the great supports the Libby app has never seen

Brendan (18:12):

So Abby asks, this isn't exactly album related, but what is the best thing that you've autographed?

Daisy (18:18):

Oh, that's funny. Um, maybe someone's head <laugh>. I autograph someone's head a couple of weeks ago. Um, people keep asking us to autograph their shoe. I know. I don't think this is a autograph thing. They always like take their whole shoe off and I'm like, whoa. <laugh> shoes. We autograph a lot of like phone cases. Oh, we, you know what's really fine? I actually have the answer. We Okay. <laugh>. This is the at some point what the kits are. Wait. Oh,

Brendan (18:50):


Daisy (18:50):

I can't, I can't read your I was like <laugh>. I was like, I can't understand you. Um, me? Do I, not to steal your thunder, but No, no, like my, I'll say mine and then you can say yours. Okay. We signed. Okay. I'm not even gonna lead with that. Minna showed me on her phone a, a person selling a Daisy, the great signed guitar <laugh> and we were both like, we didn't sign that. Like, what is that? We did not sign that <laugh>. And then I looked at it and I swiped to a picture of us, literally us in real life wearing like a crazy like pajama tour outfit signing the guitar on the street. And I was like, I guess we did sign it. No, they had, they had us. No, they had us, uh, sign the pick guards. Somebody like came out with a bunch of pick guards and I guess they were like selling like, like guitars with artists, signatures with them online. So like, oh, it's a picture of us signing the guitar? No, no, no. We're signing the pick guards. Okay. But I was was like, this didn't happen. And then I was like, guys sign guitar. That's a good way to show that it's real though. Like, you swp through the five minutes. It's really a picture of us. Like, it's like he looks so bad. I was like, I guess I did sign that.

Brendan (19:58):

Do you remember how much they were selling it for? They better put some respect on that price tag.

Daisy (20:02):

I don't I don't think it was respect. No, it wasn't

Brendan (20:04):

At least five grand.

Daisy (20:05):

Nothing. I was gonna say somebody wasn't, somebody asked us to sign their VAX card. Oh. And I was like, I

Brendan (20:11):

Dunno if the government like that one.

Daisy (20:12):

I was literally like, you might need this <laugh>. I dunno if this is a good idea.

Brendan (20:18):

Oh, that is so funny. Well shout out to your fans for, for answering the, for asking the questions. Much appreciated. Um, but I mean, it's clear you got headline tour this spring mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, you started off this year literally on national tv like day one with Bjr <laugh>, um, impressive festival circuit. You hit about all of them. Brand new album. Uh, and actually today you're appearing on the Stephen Colbert like late Yeah. Show me music segment. Yeah,

Daisy (20:43):

It's true. That was crazy.

Brendan (20:45):

<laugh>. I was confused because I saw it and I was like, wait, this is at the same time that I'm talking to them. Right. So I'm assuming it was pre-recorded.

Daisy (20:51):

It was pre Oh, yeah. Yeah. So it's a series that they do to like, it's like a music discovery series and every week, I think it's every week they like, they feature an artist on their like website and YouTube. Um, and we, it's us this week. It's us, which is so awesome. So like, we were like so overwhelmed by It was amazing. <laugh>. We, we were on tour and like our manager called us and was like, Hey, like, they want you to be this thing. And we were like, oh. And then they've pulled up this like, old live video that we made and they were like, we'll just use this. And we were like, no, we don't wanna use, yeah. We were like, we don't wanna use this vi like we did. We wanna make a new video. And like Kelly's partner was with us on the tour and he's been taking photos and stuff and had like, just gotten a new camera and we were like, oh, can you, we can just make it <laugh>. Um, so we like called a venue, like booked the Space Magic stick in Detroit. Yeah. Magic Stick in Detroit booked the space. And like, Allie like recorded the whole, like, we, we performed Time Machine and Allie recorded it. So Cool. We like sent it to our friend to mix it and like, we, we really put a, like, we made a whole video, like on tour. So

Brendan (21:50):

<laugh> I'm excited to check it out literally right now. Thank you. <laugh>. As it as it's like premiering.

Daisy (21:55):

Oh, we're there right now. Performing. Yeah.

Brendan (21:57):

Well, yeah, like I said, congrats on a, a wild year. Really. Um, thank you. Super like influential for the rest of your career. Speaking of wrapping up the year though, Spotify wrapped just came out. Oh. And one of my favorite things about Spotify wrapped is it tells artists what their most shared lyrics were.

Daisy (22:13):

Oh yeah.

Brendan (22:14):

What was

Daisy (22:15):

Yours? Ours was, sometimes I think all I'm ever doing is trying to convince myself I'm alive. Classic. The record player song. Classic. Classic. Yeah.

Brendan (22:23):

I like that you guys have that at merch. I imagine

Daisy (22:25):

We do. Yeah.

Brendan (22:27):


Daisy (22:28):

It's on the sweatshirt. It's on the, the record player. Eyeball sweatshirt. Oh my God. I was literally like, Kelly's lying. She's No, we do it actually though, says No, it says climbing in the trees. Yeah, it says sometimes. So the, the lyric is sometimes I think all I'm ever doing is trying to convince myself I'm alive. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But it like overlaps at the same time as we're singing the other part of the song that says blah climbing in the trees so that the sweatshirt actually says, trying to convince myself I'm climbing in the trees, but I wish it said the other one. I know. I think it's, I wish it said the other one too, but it's like another one. Yeah. Yeah. A

Brendan (23:03):

Shirt. We got a lot of things coming outta this. We got a new single. I know. We gotta work on new mech. We gotta get to work. Um, you know, I was gonna wrap up and ask you about 2023, but you brought up a good point if that's okay. Um, yeah. So you were, you kind of alluded to the moment you had with record player mm-hmm. <affirmative>. How do we feel about that? Looking back? Like, it it took on a whole other life. I know.

Daisy (23:20):


Brendan (23:21):

Beyond what it originally was. So like, what's our overall sentiment of that and like, do we want something like that to happen again?

Daisy (23:28):

Oh wow. Sure. Yeah. I mean it's kind of like, just like having a baby and then like letting it be an adult and do whatever it's gonna do. <laugh>, it's also been, yeah, it's also like, I think not I'm, I feel kind of not able to comprehend some of it. Like, I think I feel very currently anyway, like that song was an extremely early song and like, I wrote the record player song Pre Daisy. Like, it was like really old. Like I started it, I was probably like 18 when I started it. And so now I'm like, okay, that like me sitting in my bed like on Garage Band feels extremely disconnected, <laugh>

Brendan (24:12):


Daisy (24:13):

From this. So I'm like, I don't understand like, what happened or I can't like picture it. Like who is that girl? You know? Yeah. Like who is that and who's this? And like where did this, like how did everyone hear this music <laugh>? I dunno. It just seems weird. Yeah. But it was, it's really exciting. I feel like I'm still understanding, like, I don't know, it's just really crazy to feel like that song. I also like held onto it for a long time. Like I did, I showed like three people and I was like, I don't know. I don't know what to do like with it. I really like it, but like, I don't have a plan yet. I was like in acting school, so I was like, I can't, I'm not gonna release music. Um, and so luckily we made a band <laugh>. Yeah. But I don't know.


It was, it was awesome. But it's, I still feel kind of like I'm getting it into it. I'm understanding <laugh>. It's also, I think it's really awesome to be able to perform it because I feel like listening to the recording of it, like the, the record, the original record player song, that was the first thing we like ever recorded. And it's like, so we sound so different and like, we are so much younger and like we, I, I feel like if we had like written that song now and like, obviously we probably wouldn't have written that song now because like it is a younger mine that wrote the song. Um, that's interesting. That we're really grateful for. And like, I think that performing it now we perform it in such a different way and it feels still like true. You know? And, and it's, it's interesting because I feel like the live version now is like so much, it feels so different than it, than it has in the past. And it's feel, it's felt so good to perform, honestly. Yeah. Um, and I think that that's like, the great thing about performing is that like your relationship to the song and performing the song can change and you can actually change the way that people are hearing it and the way that you're performing it because you get to do it live, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, which is really cool. Definitely.

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Daisy The Great

As Daisy the Great, Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker make folk-inflected indie rock that spans a multitude of moods—capable of being clever, devastating, or both simultaneously, spanning harmony-laden folk pop to powerhouse indie rock balladry—and has attracted quite the following as a result.

Kelley and Mina met as acting majors at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and eventually bonded during a sketch comedy class where they first connected over their mutual passion for music: “We’d both written music on our own in the past, and we ended up writing this silly song together in that class that clued us into the idea that we might want to collaborate on other projects together as well,” Kelley remembers.

After graduating, the pair started writing a musical together about a band. “We got together nearly every day to work on it, and eventually we finished the script and moved on to writing music. When we started to share some songs that we had written individually in the past and rearranged them for the two of us, we immediately felt like we were on to something really special. We’d dreamed up this fictional version of ourselves in a band together and realized that we could just make it happen in real life.”

Once they formed their new collaborative & creative bond, the pair set out as Daisy the Great, eventually growing into a 6 piece rock outfit currently featuring Matt Lau on guitar, Bernardo Ochoa on bass, Matti Dunietz on drums, and Brie Archer on additional vocals. They recorded a Tiny Desk Concert submission of “The Record Player Song” in 2017, the same year the single was officially released. “It’s about finding yourself during the growing pains of not knowing who you are yet,” Kelley explains while discussing the songs’ thematic bent, and it’s since racked up over 20 million streams and had multiple viral moments on TikTok.

Daisy the Great’s debut LP I’m Not Getting Any Taller soon followed in 2019 on Paper Moon Records, a full-length exploration of the anxieties of entering adulthood that also marked the first time Kelley and Mina fully collaborated on an entire release together: “We’d come in with a hook and workshop together,” Mina recalls about the album’s creative genesis. Since then, Daisy the Great released the quarantine-born Soft Songs EP in 2020, as well as the recent “Persephone” / “Scarborough Fair” single, a two-tracker released on San Fermin member Alan Tate’s record label that features the pair’s take on the classic Simon & Garfunkel tune. “We’re both fans of Simon & Garfunkel and were really inspired to bring a more haunted, harmony heavy, rocky spin to one of our favorite songs,” Mina explains.

Then there’s the summer 2021 collaboration with AJR, “Record Player,” which originated after the band expressed admiration for Daisy the Great’s infectious tune: “Jack heard ‘The Record Player Song’ on TikTok and reached out to us about collaborating on it,” Kelley recalls. “We teamed up and went into the studio to write some new verses with AJR to pair with our original hook, and we ended up creating this new song together.” Kelley describes the new song as “about identity, imposter syndrome, and trying to free yourself from a version of you that you created - maybe to fit in, or to stand out. But I think that that experimental stage is actually a really important part of getting to know yourself, even if it feels like the stuff you’re trying on doesn’t quite fit.”

It’s a freeing thoughtfulness that defines Daisy the Great’s music, as well as their creative mission. “Our music is generally pretty introspective, and we are often interested in the complexities or ironies we see within ourselves” she states. “That’s something we love about writing—you can say something small and delicate and true that maybe feels scary to say, but once you put it out there, it can turn into a comfort for anyone that might also be feeling that way.”