Nov. 12, 2022

Music You're Missing Announces #UPNEXTFEST For 12.8 At Sonia

Music You're Missing Announces #UPNEXTFEST For 12.8 At Sonia
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“This is the first of many. Don’t be surprised if they continue to get bigger and better.” - Brendan Jeannetti, Founder, Music You’re Missing for AlbumReview.Net 



Following the success of their fundraiser, Friends of Friends Fest - which secured over $1200 for the Transgender Emergency Fund -  viral music podcast and playlisting brand Music You’re Missing have announced their first ever live-show. Music You’re Missing’s #UPNEXTFEST will be held at Boston’s Sonia in The Middle East on December 8th. 



#UPNEXTFEST is an intimate showcase of tomorrow’s talent, today. Each artist on the bill has demonstrated such impressive sonics, branding, and fan engagement that we declare them #UPNEXT. 

The event will kick off with a VIP Experience featuring an in-depth Q&A session with all artists on the bill hosted by Music You’re Missing Podcast host, Brendan Jeannetti. 


Never one to be defined by a label, Maeko is as genreless as he is independent. As if sewing an heirloom blanket, Maeko infuses pieces of himself into everything he crafts.
Our recommended track: Cool



Hailing from Queens, New York, singer/songwriter Sectiontoo prides himself on diverse musicianship, while maintaining consistent connection with his growing fanbase. Sectiontoo and his production partner, identite crisis, deliver moody strains of emotionally-driven R&B, blended with soulfully constructed lo-fi harmonies.
Our recommended track: Come See Me Tonight 


Retrograded is the solo project of California born, Brooklyn resident Jackson Klarsfeld. Inspirations include feeling cozy, film grain, light through trees, and figuring it out as you go.

Our recommended track: Hi, I Miss You


While STEFAN THEV has been making music for the better part of the last decade, he started from scratch in 2021. Reaching a point in his artistic journey where he had created himself anew, STEFAN’s freshly renovated catalog is one that stands with vast formidability.Making use of a post punk style of instrumentation, and coating it with a fluttering array of vocals that contain a high prevalence of energy, STEFAN is an all-encompassing artist!

Our recommended track: ghouls! zombies! skeletons!


Consider Music You’re Missing the modern radio station. From just starting out to signed, MYM’s artist-interview style podcast, Spotify playlist, and supportive social media following offer a variety of discovery opportunities for promising artists. The brand was founded in 2020 by Brendan Jeannetti after his music industry career got halted due to COVID-19. In 2021, MYM announced a partnership with Boston’s Big Night Entertainment Group. Music You’re Missing has been invited to cover highly attended events including the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards. With established relationships with PR companies, global talent agencies, and major record labels, the future is bright for MYM, but perhaps even brighter for any artist featured by the brand!



Brendan Jeannetti is the Founder and Creative Director of Music You're Missing. Jeannetti started his career in the music industry at 19 years old as part of the iHeartRadio promotions team. While working at iHeartRadio, Jeannetti joined the college marketing team at Sony Music Entertainment. Shortly after his college graduation, he signed on to Beasley Media Group's Country 102.5, where he became the youngest professional on-air radio talent in Boston. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Jeannetti began working toward his Masters Degree at Berklee College of Music. Soon after he started his studies, he launched the Music You're Missing Spotify playlist and podcast. In April of 2021, Jeannetti signed Music You're Missing to a production deal with Big Night Entertainment Group in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2023, he will receive his Master's Degree in Music Business from Berklee College of Music.




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