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Attention Music Lovers

If you like finding out about new artist before you heard the on the radio or see their video, this is the podcast for you. Brendan and Devin deliver a fun interview with up and coming artists. Give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re a music fanatic... this is for you!

So interesting and entertaining, and also a great way to learn about new music and artists on the rise 👏👏 love this podcast!

Awesome stuff

Verzache is a king. Great interview

Great show!

Keeps me entertained during quarantine and makes working from home a bit more enjoyable!!

If You Love Music ...

... you’ll love this podcast!! Just found them and I’m mad I didn’t find them sooner. Give your ears some joy!

Need new music?

Good resource if you’re trying to find new music for your playlists!

Awesome pod!

I love this podcast! Super funny and interesting!!

So fun!

This solves my problem of looking for new music ... love it

Refreshing and Chill

A great podcast to learn about new musicians on the rise with great hosts providing insight along the way!

Great Content!

You gotta listen to this podcast it’s great! Always a pleasure! 5 stars all the way!

Great show!

Great show! Hosts are very knowledgeable and engaging! Love the content!

Relaxing and Engaging

The appeal of this podcast is immediately apparent. It’s perfect for any and all music-lovers. The hosts have a great dynamic and they clearly know their stuff. Love getting a behind-the-scenes look at the industry.

Excellent show!

A wonderfully produced show! The hosts are very engaging and passionate about what they do! The interviews are well conducted and it is great way to showcase and introduce rising musicians to those who have not heard them before. Excellent job and keep up the great work!

Great Show

First, how did I not think of this idea? This is a challenge of the modern day. It is very hard to be introduced to new music. This is a great concept and this is very well done. This is a show that should be in your rotation.

Great podcast!

Enjoyed it thoroughly!

my new favorite podcast!

music you’re missing is the best way to discover new artists! the spotify playlist is always being updated with new music and i love hearing the artist interviews that brendan does. couldn’t recommend more!

My one true happiness

My one true happiness

this guy is so talented

Brendan’s voice resembles the pros and his questions are awesome ... so happy I found this through Spotify

Everyone should listen

Love the special guest- lol! Great show. Everyone should go listen.

Love this!!

Please keep these podcasts coming! So creative and so fun to listen to 😀

amazing questions

brendan always asks amazing questions I can’t wait for this show to blow up. TYLERxCORDY inerview was so well done


How the heck have I missed out on all these talented acts... thank you


This man is a king

Awesome show!

Great conversation and great insight into up and coming artists and their music!

Music Your Missing

Have consistently been listening to all these artists music after listening to each episode. Brendan has such an ear for talent it’s incredible

Super interesting

This is a really cool idea I can't believe all the talented people lined up. Insane they all have so many streams!

Incredible for up and coming artists!

So great! Everyone should listen!!

We stan Brendan & Alexa

You two have ✨BEAUTIFUL✨ voices. Thank you for bringing us this fun and unique content. Can’t wait to hear more!

A must listen

I came across this podcast from The Brummies Instagram and I loved the questions asked by Brendan. It’s nice to hear about music so in depth. Excited to see what’s next

My go-to for new music

Brendan always has the best knowledge on which artists are up-and-coming! I love listening to his podcasts to hear about the artists behind new hit songs and the local unsigned talent that we all love to listen to. I love listening to the podcast walking to work and grocery shopping and then adding all the artists to my playlist. Unreal playlist Brendan