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5 star-

A great podcast worth the listen! A+

Simply the best!

Honest review by an amazing guy, check this out you will not regret it!

Excellent Production!

This content is great. Love the idea behind this and I’m excited to see what’s next

Amazing Music!

I discovered The Brummies through this podcast and I honestly don’t know where I was previous to it. The host asked such good questions too!

Love it

Great. Very interesting look forward to more episodes!!


I had heard of Garth through mrcringe but I had no idea he did music too!!! Legit so talented I can’t wait to hear more!!!

How I find all my new music!

I love this podcast. He always has good music to share that I haven’t heard before. Fun to listen to 😊

New Music

Thanks for introducing to me to my new favorite songs and artists Brendan!! Love it!


Finally music interviews about the actual music. Love it

Great Podcast!

As someone who never really knows what is going on w music and popculture this is a great way to catch up and find some of the best hits! Love this podcast!!!


This podcast has every thing you look for in a music podcast. The two hosts are extremely funny, especially Brendan, and their chemistry is undeniable. They also give a very good insight to all different types of music, making this podcast very diverse. I love listening to the banter between the hosts, and learning all about new music. The artists they interview are some I’ve never heard of, but have become some of my favorites. I highly recommend listening and learning like the rest of us about the Music You’re Missing.

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This podcast is awesome, definitely subscribe to this!! Totally about to be the next big thing, I'm so stoked I stumbled upon it.